Say goodbye to bitmaps! At last you can create true 3D text in Unity, simply and dynamically. Just supply a TrueType font, and you can instantly have zooming, rotating, warping, bouncing, and yes, flying text...just imagine the possibilities! Works with Unity 3.5 and later (including Unity 4 and Unity 5). Version 2.2.1 now available! Get FlyingText3D now >

FlyingText3D may be easy, but it’s not lacking in power. Features include:

  • Use most TrueType fonts, both Windows and Macintosh format.
  • Make text any size, extrude to any depth (including none), include backfaces or not, use any resolution — lower for fewer polygons, higher for smoother-looking characters.
  • Text can be created as a single object, or as separate objects. Characters can have colliders and rigidbodies.
  • Make text dynamically at runtime, or save text objects as prefabs. No need to tediously import text models from external 3D apps; everything is done right in Unity. And since text is dynamic, everything can be changed on the fly.
  • Use HTML-like tags to change size, color, etc. in the same line of text.
  • Various text formatting options such as line width, justification, tabs, etc.
  • Use any material on the generated text; textures can be per-letter or not. Front/back faces and edges can have separate materials.
  • Can improve performance over bitmaps in certain cases where fill-rate is at a premium, since there is no transparency.
  • Comes with complete, illustrated documentation.
  • All features available in both Unity Free and Pro. Works on all platforms.

FlyingText3D title

Actual screenshot from Unity...that’s one line of text, with different fonts, colors, and sizes created with tags, similar to HTML.

Game Over

Text can be created as individual letters with one command, and those letters can be fully controlled by physics just like any other object.

My Title

Use any material and texture on generated text. Multiple colors in the same text object are created through vertex colors.


Create dynamic menus, fantastic title screens, or anything else that needs some text with pizazz!

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FlyingText3D requires Unity 3.5 or later (and works with Unity 4.0 or later, including Unity 5 and Unity 2017). Several licenses are available to suit your needs, starting at US$19.95. Source code is included, works on all platforms including mobile, except Windows phone.


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“The plug in everyone has been waiting for. No other way to describe it than perfect, buy now. 100% of developers need this.”

“Another first class tool, thanks Eric! Now I want to make flying ebooks with it, of course. :)”

“Great product! I just purchased it today. Really easy to use!”

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