Want to make the landscapes of your dreams in a fun and easy way? Here’s your chance! Fractscape uses fractal terrain generation techniques to create a wide variety of landscapes, with as much or as little control as you want. Quickly sketch in a basic shape and let Fractscape do the rest!

Export terrains for game engines or other uses, or just wander through the wilderness. Load in your own textures, build high-res terrains out of low-res heightmaps, or randomize everything and see what happens. Version 1.6 available! (Works with OS X 10.9.) Get Fractscape now >

Features include:

  • Generate terrains instantly.
  • A variety of controls for roughness, size, height, etc.
  • Load in or draw heightmaps to control the basic shape of the terrain.
  • Adjustable auto-texturing based on height and slope.
  • Terrain resolution up to 4097x4097, texturemap resolution up to 2048x2048.
  • Virtually unlimited undo/redo of almost everything, so you can always go back to that cool landscape you just had.
  • Load/save even the largest terrains as small Fractscape files — everything is procedurally generated.
  • Export terrains as 8 or 16 bit heightmaps, or as .obj meshes (triangles or quads).
  • Export texturemap as 4-channel .tiff splatmap, or as a solid-shaded .png.
  • Explore terrains from a first-person view for an up-close look.
  • Works great with Unity (and was made with Unity).
  • Mac version works with OS X 10.6.8 or later, Windows version works with Windows XP or later, Linux version works with Ubuntu (and probably other distros but no guarantee).
Fractscape interface

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You can draw the “big picture” elements of your landscape, then let Fractscape take care of all the “fiddly bits” for extremely rapid terrain creation that's a perfect fusion of hand-crafted and procedural:


You can then import it into Unity and add vegetation and other fine detail using Unity's terrain tools. This is also good for turning low-detail DEM data into usable in-game terrain: first convert it into a heightmap, import it into Fractscape, and adjust the fractal detail as desired.

Note that Fractscape is a stand-alone app, and does not come with source code. If you've bought Fractscape and need to update to a new version, just download the demo again, and it will continue to work with your registration code.

Flying mountain

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Customer quotes

“In Unity, this [terrain] would have taken me days to make ( yes I'm a stickler for detail ), but with Fractscape and Terragen it was finished in minutes! This is one awesome application. Fractscape should be in every Unity developer's toolbox!”

“Fractscape is awesome! It has made my game look way better so quickly, I would have paid twice what you charge for it and still felt like it was a deal.”

“Nicely done. Very easy to use and intuitive.”

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