Wish Unity had a way of importing 3D models at runtime? Look no further! ObjReader will take commonly-used .obj files (from web or disk) and turn them into 3D models on the fly. No need for pre-processing or asset bundles — most .obj files will load in perfectly as-is. Requires Unity 3.5 or later, and works with Unity 4, Unity 5, and Unity 2017. (Additionally, Unity 2017.3 is supported for 32-bit mesh indices, which allows large groups of more than 65K vertices.) Get ObjReader now >

Feature highlights include:

  • Speed! Up to 4X faster than the Unity editor’s built-in .obj importing. A 4MB .obj file will typically be parsed and the model generated in < 1 second, depending on CPU speed.
  • High compatibility: loads most .obj files generated by different apps.
  • Optionally generate tangents for use in shaders that need them, such as normal-map shaders.
  • Read groups in the same file as separate meshes, or combined into one. Groups can also be read as submeshes.
  • Read UV info and normals, or choose to auto-generate normals.
  • Objects can be scaled, rotated, and positioned by any amount on import.
  • Works with iOS and Android.
  • Includes .mtl file support with texture loading (.png and .jpg format only).

Note that the .obj format has no animation support.


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ObjReader requires Unity 3.5 or later (and works with Unity 4.0 or later, including Unity 5 and Unity 2017). Several licenses are available to suit your needs, starting at US$14.95. Source code is included, works on most platforms including mobile.


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Customer quotes

“This was exactly what I needed. Well done. Also very glad that there is an example script of how to load from a URL.”

“Fast, reliable, easy to implement : in short, perfect. Keep on the good job, Eric.”

“Thanks, this is a great asset.”

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