Customers say:

“Great product and GREAT support! It has saved hours even days of my time.”

“thanks for making such an easy to use product. You've saved me tons of time with drawing rectangles.”

“the level of support you provide is outstanding!”

“Awesome utility. I was doing things a similar way, but wanted to see another solution. Vectrosity totally solved all the issues I was having. Excellent work and way more robust than I expected.”

“Just a quick line to congratulate you for your vectrosity lib. ! . It is really the very first cost-effective piece of SDK I have ever bought (and I ve been in the industry for +20 years ! ). It really does what it says on the can ! :) It saved me days of coding .”

“It has absolutely the best docs of anything I've gotten from the asset store and it's clear you put a lot of real-world workflow thought into the architecture. Hurray!”

“It works and you are a genius, my friend! Money well spent.”

“Great product! I just purchased it today. Really easy to use!”

“having plenty of fun with the examples, its great to see so many!”

“I recently purchased the hobbyist version of Stitchscape, and I have to say, for being the only money I have ever spent on game development (besides the softwares, of course), it is the first thing anyone should look at if they are looking to expand Unity, and the best $5 anyone could possibly spend!”

“The company I work for paid 50 bucks for the Pro version when it was still on one-point-something, and in the past, we've paid ridiculously much more money for software ridiculously much less useful than Vectrosity. Coupled with the seemingly limitless support you're offering in this thread, I think you could easily get away with charging twice what you do now.”

“Vectrosity made the port from native C/C++/GLES code very easy, and I don't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to throw large amounts of lines on the screen without writing their own batching code for Unity.”

“I do appreciate the constant and superb customer service. :)”

“Vectrosity is great and your documentation was some of the best documentation I've seen for any product anywhere.”

“I bought your vectorsity package for Unity3d. It's awesome! I'm an ex flasher, so it helps me very much!”

“Hiya, bought the file browser the other week. And it is really well documented, and quite easy to use. Thanks a ton.”

Eric, this is awesome!!!
This is the missing ingredient for killer title screens. I didn't realise how much I have needed this, until I saw it :-)”

“Love the flexibility and performance of Vectrosity! It works very well even on my 3 year old Android device.”

“Another first class tool, thanks Eric!”

“fantastic, as ever!”

“Just purchased it. Love it :)”

“GREAT library for drawing vector-ish shapes. GREAT. Can't stress that enough.
Also: top-notch support, multiple responses to questions in the same day! Unheard of.”

“I've been using this product for over 6months now, Eric5r5 is an amazing dev who has put a lot of hard work into this product and provides fanatastic support, documentation and is still updating and improving.
Highly recommended!”

“After a few days of tweaking my way around the clumsy LineRenderer class I caved and bought Vectrosity. I'm very happy with the results, and the included utilities were a happy surprise!”

“I have to say it's really great. Very intuitive and fun to create heightmaps.”

“I think the best feature of this app is the ease of use. I know nothing about 3d editing, and most terrain generators are way too advanced for me to use. I opened up yours, and it was so user friendly, I started creating instantly, and the terrain look great.”

“I want to express my pleasure about the program you have developed with Fractscape...Thanks again for developing what you have now it is truly exciting to work with!”

“I bought it myself and while it is super-cheap, its much, much better than what I feel like doing. I have over 20 years of game development code experience and yet buying a vector line solution was the smartest move I've made for a long time.
I particularly like how it handles antialiased glowing lines and animated lines, points and other stuff too. I think you'll probably dig it as well.”

“20 minutes in and I already have my GPS route lines working. It "Just Works", my mind is blown.
I just bought two copies of Vectrosity. This is not an error or a double billing.
I bought a copy, then had a look at the docs. Full of pictures and code examples, with great formatting and clear-as-day explanations. The documentation for the $10,000 audio middleware I use at my day job is so awful that I swear it exists only to sell support contracts. So paying twice your asking price is the least I can do. It's people like you who make me want to come home after a 12 hour day, and spend 6 more playing with Unity.”

“The author's commitment, documentation and care for the product is a lot higher than I have received from autodesk, so it's not how big it is, its what you do with it. And what you can do with Vectrosity is often overlooked: splines, graphs, waypoint arrows, lines, joined lines, in fact if you can think it up, its good. Pro owners will want it as much as free, specially when they realise they can scrolling texture these things as well. Great stuff.”

...Just some of the real feedback regarding various Starscene Software products, taken from email and the web.