Quickly and easily stitch multiple terrains together...simply set up your terrain grid, click “Stitch”, and you’re done! Saves hours of time and frustration. Even terrains that differ substantially will typically show no visible seams. (See Fractscape for a fun, fast way to create landscapes.) Get Stitchscape now >

You can drag the terrains you want onto the appropriate slots in the Stitchscape window, or use the “Autofill from scene” button to populate the slots automatically. The “Stitch width” slider controls the width of the band of terrain that gets stitched, and the “Blend strength” slider controls detail.

Stitchscape can also tile a single terrain with itself, so you can repeat it infinitely.

Stitchscape alters the terrains themselves (undo support is included), but use of Terrain.SetNeighbors is still required in order for terrain LOD to match up. Also, all terrains must have the same Y value and the same height.

You can stitch terrains at runtime too, using a simple function.

Click “before” and “after” to see the actual results of stitching four different terrains in Unity:



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Stitchscape requires Unity 3.5 (and works with all later versions including Unity 5 and Unity 2017). Several licenses are available to suit your needs, starting at US$4.95. Source code is included, works on any platform.


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Customer quotes

“I recently purchased the hobbyist version of Stitchscape, and I have to say, for being the only money I have ever spent on game development (besides the softwares, of course), it is the first thing anyone should look at if they are looking to expand Unity, and the best $5 anyone could possibly spend!”

“didn't know how well this would actually work.. but it really does and am happy with the results.”

“Does what it says, fair price, would like to see more of these. Everyone say it with me, thank you Starscene”

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