Inspired by the original Battle Zone, but not an exact clone. There are no missiles, only tanks and super tanks (and saucers). But no longer are you limited to one foe at a time...the farther you progress, the more enemies attack! Can you survive the crossfire? Click mouse button in game window to start, P to pause. Stereo speakers recommended.

Scoring: Tank = 1000 points, Super tank = 2000 points, Saucer = 5000 points. Tank scores are multiplied by the number of enemies currently in the field. For example, destroying a tank when 3 are in play simultaneously = 3000 points. Extra life at 25000, 100000, and 500000 points.

Basic controls: arrow keys to move, SPACE or LEFT CONTROL to fire

Arrow keys

More authentic controls: WS keys to move left tank tread forward and back, IK keys to move right tank tread forward and back, SPACE or LEFT CONTROL to fire

Arrow keys

Best controls: USB gamepad analog sticks to move left and right tank treads forward and back, any button to fire (shoulder buttons work best). Note: gamepad control not supported on all browsers

Arrow keys

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