Everything you need for accessing files at runtime from within your Unity games or apps! Allow users to easily open or save files with a simple function call with this comfortable and functional file browser window.

Cross-platform OnGUI code means you provide a consistent experience and don’t need to fiddle with external platform-dependent libraries. Plus you get the full commented source, and it comes with complete documentation. Get UniFileBrowser now >

Feature highlights include:

  • Can be skinned as desired, and the various GUI elements can be resized easily. Includes two demo GUISkins.
  • Actions for opening and saving files, and opening folders.
  • Filter files by extension, including multiple extensions.
  • Optionally show file dates.
  • Can automatically add an extension when saving.
  • Allow or disallow navigation to other folders.
  • Full keyboard control.
  • Can use multi-file selection, including shift for selecting a range of files and command/ctrl for adding/removing individual files.
  • Can have a delete button. (Limiting to the initial folder is strongly recommended in this case.)
  • Can show volumes/hard drives.
  • When saving, can prevent input of “illegal” characters that are not allowed in file names in common file systems.
  • Can allow or disallow window dragging and resizing.
  • Extensive API for full runtime control.
  • Supports Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux; also works on mobile devices, with support for touch actions such as scrolling.
File browser load
File browser save

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UniFileBrowser requires Unity 4.6 or later (and works with Unity 5 or later, including Unity 2017). Several licenses are available to suit your needs, starting at US$9.95. Source code is included, works on most platforms including mobile. Note that UniFileBrowser does not work with WebGL, since security measures prevent WebGL from having local file access.


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Customer quotes

“Hiya, bought the file browser the other week. And it is really well documented, and quite easy to use. Thanks a ton.”

“Saves a lot of time and it works out of the box.”

“It works great, in just five minutes, you got it working as you want.”

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